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We Stand. We Fight.

Victory is coming.

As more awaken, the veil continues to fall. Now a window, where there once was a wall.

Where once lie a thick veneer weaved upon the thickest tapestry to obstruct our vision from the reality kept on the other side - we now peer through the thinnest of organza. Eye to eye with our enemy, and their intended death cult timeline.

Their desire to enslave every man, woman - and child. Their rebuke of God, and all things divine . We do not consent to the serpent’s stinging bile. No further. No more. Not another inch, foot, or mile.

We see it all, through enlightened eyes and curious minds. We wade through the darkness with our torch ablaze. We reject theirs lies and their reality. We remain unphased.

We are the spark, the flame, the light. We are the warriors of He who sits upon high. We are the enemy of he who brings night.

The day approaches when evil abates.

Beyond the veil, freedom awaits.

Welcome to The Great Awakening - where the future is now and goodness shall reign.

Beyond The Veil
Beyond The Veil Podcast
A look beyond the “truth” we’ve been taught.