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CJ Stroud Discusses Jesus


Texans QB CJ Stroud gets emotional while discussing his faith in Jesus Christ and giving thanks for his blessings.

This is why I do a sports show. Because far more of these folk exist in sports than many of you are aware.

Because once upon a time we all loved sports.

Because this is a great awakening, which encompasses all corruption and evil being unveiled and eradicated - that includes sports.

I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit back and allow the Communists to psyop us into hating everything we used to love.

Sports, as well, can .. and will, be cleaned out. While easy to miss, it is a fact that a recent swath of arrests and investigations within sports for various offenses, including trafficking and sexual related crimes have been taking place.

You gotta fight for what you want, cuz the moment you stop fighting for your ground - what you DON’T want will begin taking over.

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